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Our Ministries

At Talcottville, our ministry centers around people and relationships, not programs. We seek to serve the needs of the individuals in our congregation by offering some programing to support building relationship--both with God and with one another. And, we would always love to meet you for a cup or coffee (or tea!) and a conversation!


Sunday School

In addition to the weekly worship service and sermon, we seek to provide teaching to both in the hour before service. Often this is an in-depth bible study or topic of interest as it relates to faith. Our aim is to equip all people for faithful living every day.




We offer a weekly daytime (in person) bible study as well as an informal lunch group in order to accommodate as many women as possible, in every season of their lives. Our desire is to be an uplifting community that knows and loves one another and encourages each woman in the church to more wholeheartedly follow Jesus.



We believe that passing on the faith is primarily a calling for parents. That being said, we want to partner with parents by providing Christ-centered bibical teaching and helping our kids experience the joy and love of the Christian community! We have children's ministry for up to grade 5 during the sermon, opportunities to sing in holiday choirs and a summer VBS.



It's easy to get busy, get burdened and get isolated. Our men's ministry exists to connect men with one another and to the power of God in their day to day lives. We want to encourage and build one another up through occasional events and ongoing relationship.


Pastoral Support

We believe in the "priesthood of all believers," which among other things, means that we are all here to pray for, support, and encourage you in your walk with the Lord. If you are in need of prayer or counsel or companionship, please contact us and we will get back to you asap!

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